The Sinful Seven: Sci-fi Western Legends of the NCAA

104 ratings

Nothing explains America better than college football. This illustrated ebook (rough equivalent of a 270-page book) lays out the history of big-money amateurism via fiction and non-fiction at the same damn time.

The Sinful Seven is about control and capital, but also about bandidas, explosions, zombies, mystical technology, haunted Western mythology, bizarre cuisine, college football internet jokes, and a real bastard or two.

It's like this:

There is a train. We're gonna try and rob it. Along the way, we'll learn about NC State's stolen Orange Bowl, all the moments that could've resulted in something besides the NCAA, and SMU ponying up 'til the end.

Who are we?

Spencer, Richard, Jason, and Alex have written about college football for years, while Tyson has made a lot of cool art about pretty much every sport.

The Sinful Seven is good, actually

"Come for Spencer with an Old West yarn that’s actually about the NCAA’s Sanity Code. Stay for Richard on Jack Trice." -- Andy Staples

"You should do yourself a favor and check this out." -- Mike Golic Jr.

"Oh you haven't bought The Sinful Seven yet? Do you even like college football?" -- Michael Felder

"Extremely good and wild." -- Jordan Ginsberg

"I don’t know when I last anticipated a book this much or enjoyed one on this level. College football with cowboys, zombies, witches, and a sci-fi allegory for athlete transfers and schools changing conferences. Seldom do I read something so relevant to society that doesn’t depress me. There’s a lot to love about this project." -- Kevin Fox

"It's good. Buy it." -- Charles McDonald

"I laughed a lot. I learned a lot, too. The way it weaves real-life history, clever symbolism, and straight-up fiction together is beyond impressive. It’s weird. It’s chaotic. It’s impactful." -- Justin Ferguson

"Purchase The Sinful Seven today or your favorite team will lose to their rival every game for the next decade." -- Harry Lyles Jr.

"Amazing! Just a fun read." -- Caroline Darney

"There exists space for comedy in tragedy. The one only heightens the effect of the other, and it’s this tension that brings The Sinful Seven home." -- Jim Lohmar

"You all should purchase The Sinful Seven." -- David Hale

"It’s good. You need it." -- Sarah Kelly

"It's the fever dream college football book we all need right now." -- Ace Anbender

"Official review: it is good." -- Alex McDaniel

"A fun and easy read as both a college football history and an Old West fiction novel." -- Chris Vannini

"Ever get just punched in the mouth by how awesome a book is?" -- The Tailgate Society

"It rules." -- Jon Bois

Also, Ira Glass and Paul Finebaum have said the name of this book out loud.

And if you'd like a couple samples ...

Here is Spencer's opening chapter, excerpted by USA Today's For The Win, on the dreaded Sheriff's arrival in La Cademia.

And Penguin Random House's Hazlitt excerpted Richard's revisionist history of normal reality's Jack Trice legends.


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The Sinful Seven: Sci-fi Western Legends of the NCAA

104 ratings